BOOKING INFORMATION (Terms & Conditions)

  • Please book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings will be handled in strict order of arrival at Penryn College.
  • Please use one booking and one consent form per child at the back of this booklet, feel free to photocopy the forms.
  • Please make cheques payable to Penryn College. We can also accept BACS payment – please contact us for details.
  • All of our activities aim to be fully inclusive. Should your child require additional support in order to participate please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Please ensure that you can be accessed on the emergency number that you supply on your booking form (preferably a mobile telephone number).
  • We will do our best to accommodate your child with the courses they have chosen. If your child does not get your choice of activity, we will endeavour to offer an alternative activity or date.
  • Please use the reference form at the rear of this booklet for your own convenience.

Booking Confirmation

  • Confirmation of places will not be sent. If you do not hear from us please assume your child’s application has been successful. You are more than welcome to call us to confirm your child’s place.


  • For children under the age of 12 we will seek parental consent to take photographs of participating children for use in the local press, website, social media and any Edventure promotions – this will be collected by an opt in box on the booking form. For children over the ages of 12 we will seek their permission to use any photographs.
  • Your child’s details will be stored on a secure database. This information will be used to contact you in the need of an emergency and used to contact you about future activities. This will be collected via an opt in box on the booking form.


  • If your child is ill please contact us as soon as possible. A full refund is only applicable should you contact us 24 hours before the commencement of the course. This is due to the fact that we are unable to reallocate your child’s place at such short notice.

Cancellation by the parent/guardian

  • Should you wish to cancel a booking please inform us at least 24 hours before

commencement of the course, you will then be entitled to a full refund. Failure to do this will resort in a £5 admin fee deducted from your refund. INFORMATION FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS

  • It is essential that all participants have the correct clothing and suitable footwear for each activity.
  • For all activities, full and half day, pupils will need plenty to eat and drink. Full day activities require a packed lunch (including cookery courses).
  • In the event of an injury your child/children should report immediately to their coach/ tutor.
  • Children are responsible for their own possessions. Please do not allow them to bring anything of value.
  • Please ensure children are sent to all activities with high factor sun block and a sun hat (if required).
  • For water related activities a change of clothing, footwear and a towel is essential.
  • All children participating in trampolining must bring a pair of socks.
  • The highest standards of behaviour will be expected at ALL times including  travelling on coaches to and from activities, should a child not meet this expectation we will contact parents to withdraw their child from an activity. If   the activity is off site, parents will be expected to collect their child immediately.

OFF SITE ACTIVITIES DEPARTING FROM PENRYN COLLEGE Any activities which involve travelling to a venue/activity or is located off site will include transport with the exception of Trail Blazers and Water Sports. The mini-buses will depart from Penryn College at the times stated on the activity details.

  • Please ensure that your child is at Penryn College in plenty of time, the times stated on the activities are the times that the mini bus will depart from the College.
  • Time of return is approximate, so please be at Penryn College for pick up a few minutes early.
  • Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing i.e. wet weather gear and or sun hat, enough to eat (including a packed lunch) and drink.
  • Please ensure that you child has sun cream with them if they are participating in an outdoor activity.

Parents must drop off children and pick them up from Penryn College Arrivals & Departures at Penryn College It is very important that all children are escorted to the registration area, this is to stop any confusion/complications with bookings and/or to inform parents/guardians of any important last minute information about the course which your child is booked on. We will not dismiss any participant from an activity unless they are collected by an appropriate adult, or a signed letter has been sent along with the child’s booking form asking that they be dismissed without an adult. All activities at this site will be registered and dismissed in main reception, please escort your child/children to and from this area. TR10 8PZ This includes activities where pupils are being transported off site. Bissoe Bike Trail (BT) Please register with  outside Bissoe Cycle Hire at least ten minutes before the start of the session TR4 8QZ Elemental UK Water Sports on Swanpool Beach (SB) Registration will be in the Elemental compound at Swanpool Beach, please arrive at least ten minutes before the start of the session. TR11 5BG


  ‘3 Strikes’

  •           In response to continued bad behaviour from some participants, particularly during the minibus journeys, Holiday Activities operates a 3 Strike policy where participants can receive three warnings before being excluded from the activity.
  •            1 Strike- Participant receives a verbal warning.  The strike is recorded by the staff member.
  •            2 Strikes- Participant receives a verbal warning and an explanatory letter is sent to their parent/guardian.
  •            3 Strikes- Participant is excluded from Holiday activities for that particular programme and may be prevented from accessing them in the future. An explanatory letter is sent to their parent/guardian.